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Short ISODARCO History

(Work in Progress)

ISODARCO is an NGO founded in 1966 by two Italian physics professors, Edoardo Amaldi and Carlo Schaerf, that offers a unique international forum on security problems throughout the world. ISODARCO's purpose is to bring together those with a great variety of experiences and approaches relating to security problems. Their discussions focus on commissioned expert papers.

While it has always been associated with the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs, ISODARCO never issues exhortations or proclamations. It does not campaign, nor it is even associated with any particular world view. The organization's characteristics are illustrated by the following:


The various ISODARCO meetings traditionally have been held in Italy. But recently there has been some internationalization in this respect, with conferences being held in Germany, Taipei, and, on six occasions, in China. As a result, ISODARCO has over two hundred alumni from mainland China  and nearly that many from the island of Taiwan. The fact that it has been found possible for ISODARCO to co-host meetings both in Beijing and Taipei demonstrates the extent of its credibility in East Asia. Probably no other security-related NGO has, or could have, achieved this. The next meeting in China is scheduled for 2008. The first meeting on Middle East security, with a broad cast of participants, took place in Amman in March 1997.

The ISODARCO meetings have resulted in the publication of 22 books by such London and New York houses as Macmillan, John Wiley, St. Martin's Press and Dartmouth-Ashgate. The majority of volumes have been edited by David Carlton, who is a British historian based at the University of Warwick, and Carlo Schaerf, ISODARCO's President and Director, who is Professor of Physics at the University of Rome "Tor Vergata". The books reflect ISODARCO's approach over the last three decades: the range of topics has been wide and the variety of viewpoints has been extensive. (For details see the chapter on publications).

Lecturers at ISODARCO have included:

J. Acton (Great Britain), R. Adams (U.S.A.), Y. Alexander (U.S.A.), E. Amaldi (Italy), A. Arbatov (Russia), G. Arbatov (Russia), N. Arbatova (Russia), G. Arya (Thailand), F. Barnaby (Great Britain), W. Graf von Baudissin (Germany), N. Behar (Bulgaria), J. B. Bell (U.S.A.), R. Bjornerstedt (Sweden), A. Boserup (Denmark), G. Bunn (U.S.A.), F. Calogero (Italy), D. Carlton (Great Britain), G. Chapman (U.S.A.), A. Cohen (U.S.A.),V. Emelyanov (Russia), W. Epstein (Canada), M. De Andreis(Italy), P. Dombrowski (U.S.A.), L. Eden (U.S.A.), B. T. Feld (U.S.A.), L. Freedman (Great Britain), J.F. Freymond (Switzerland), R. Garwin (U.S.A.), Bates Gill (Sweden), K. Gottstein (Germany), S. Goudman (U.S.A.), E. W. Hamburger (Brazil), P. Hillyard (Ireland), F. von Hippel (U.S.A.), D. Holloway  (U.S.A.), E. Jacchia (Italy), B. Jasani (India), V. Journé (France), S. Kapitza (Russia), M. Kaplan (U.S.A.), C. Kaysen (U.S.A.), C. McArdle Kelleher (U.S.A.), R. I. Khasbulatov (Russia), P. Lellouche (France), J. Lewis  (U.S.A.), S. Lodgaard (Norway), E. Mendelsohn (U.S.A.), J. K. Miettinen (Finland), M. A. Milstein (Russia), J. Moch (France), H. Morgenthau (U.S.A.), H. Muller (Germany), R. Neild (Great Britain), G. Neuneck (Germany), J. M. Parillo (U.S.A.), I. M. Pascu (Romania), A. Rapoport (U.S.A.), G. Rathjens (U.S.A.), J. Reppy (U.S.A), O. A. Reutov (Russia), R. S. Roggers (U.S.A), B. Roling (The Netherlands), J. Rotblat (Great Britain - Nobel Prize for Peace), J. Ruina (U.S.A.), T. Schelling (U.S.A.), H. Scoville (U.S.A.), E.Solingen (U.S.A.), R. Somerville (U.S.A.), J. Steinberger (U.S.A.- Nobel Prize for Physics), M. Sturmer (Germany), K. Subrahmanyam (India), O. Sukovic (Yugoslavia), P. Sylos Labini (Italy), N. Tannenwald (U.S.A), H. Tromp (The Netherlands), K. Tsipis (U.S.A.), D. Ch.Webb (Great Britain), S. Wright (UK), H. F. York (U.S.A), D. Zinberg (U.S.A.).

ISODARCO has received financial support at various time since 1966 from a number of quarters: the Italian National Research Council, the Universities of Rome "La Sapienza" and "Tor Vergata", the University of Trento, the Italian Ministry of Cultural Affairs, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, the Ford Foundation, the Volkswagen Foundation and, most recently, the MacArthur Foundation. The annual budget has been modest, allowing for the employment of only an organizing secretary.
ISODARCO's future plans include the continuation of its educational activity with the residential advanced courses and in addition attention will be given to two areas, in particular:


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