Since 1966 – International School on Disarmament and Research on Conflicts – Italian Pugwash Group

Contributed Papers

Eric ArnettStockholm International Peace Research Institute

Nuclear testing and stability in Asia

Francesco CalogeroProfessor of Theoretical Physics, Rome University I, and Chairman, Pugwash Council, Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs

The Future of Nuclear Weaponry and Our Civilization

Frank Ronald CleminsonDepartment of Foreign Affairs, Canada

Multilateral On-going Monitoring and Verification (OMV) of Compliance: Nurturing Cost-Effectiveness

Thomas B. CochranNatural Resources Defense Council, Inc

Disposition of Fissile Material from Nuclear Weapons

Richard T. CupittAssociate Director, Center for International Trade and Security, University of Georgia

The Compatibility of US and Chinese Export Controls

Marco Di CapuaLawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Technology Innovation in China

William H. DunlopProgram Leader, Proliferation Prevention and Arms Control, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Nonproliferation through International Lab-to-Lab Technology Cooperation

Christina FilarowskiLawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Joint US/PRC CTBT OSI Simulation Exercises

Richard L. Garwin, Philip D. ReedSenior Fellow for Science and Technology, Council on Foreign Relations

Nuclear Weapons and International Security

Gert G. HarigelGeneva International Peace Research Institute (GIPRI) & International Network of Engineers and Scientists for Global Responsibility (INES)

Military Sales and Nuclear Proliferation, Disarmament and Arms Control

Hong Yuan-EngInstitute of World Economics & Politics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (INES)

The Implication of TMD System in Japan to China’s Security

Rebecca Johnson – The Acronym Institute

Engaging the Five Nuclear Powers in Disarmament Talks

Li Bin – Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics

An Immediate Step in Global Nuclear Arms Control

Li Zhimin and Li FeizhiScience & Technology Information Center of China Academy of Engineering Physics

Impact of South-Asia’s Nuclear Tests upon CTBT

George LindseyCanadian Institute of Strategic Studies

Arms Control in Space

Liu GongliangInstitute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics

Nuclear Materials and International Security

Ming-Shih LuBrookhaven National Laboratory

The IAEA Strengthened International Safeguards Systems

Yuzo MurayamaAssociate Professor, Osaka University of Foreign Studies

China’s Export Control Policy in East Asian Context: Implications from Economic Perspectives

Robert S. Norris – Natural Resources Defense Council

India and Pakistan, At the Crossroads

Lester G. PaldyCenter for Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education, State University of New York at Stony Brook

A Code of Ethics on Arms R&D for Scientists and Engineers

Mu Changlin and Pan TaoChina Institute for International Strategic Studies

International Nonproliferation Regimes after the Cold War

Dingli ShenCenter for American Studies, Fudan University

Promoting Nuclear Nonproliferation: A Chinese View

Frank Von HippelProfessor of Public and International Affairs, Princeton University, Chairman of the research arm of the Federation of American Scientists

De-alerting Nuclear Missiles

Wu JunBeijing Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics

The Steps to No-First-Use Treaty

Zhuang JianzhongShanghai Institute for International Strategic Studies

The Future of Nonproliferation