Since 1966 – International School on Disarmament and Research on Conflicts – Italian Pugwash Group

Arms Control and Technological Innovation

NEMI (Roma) 1976

Edited by David Carlton, Carlo Schaerf
Published by Croom Helm (London) and John Wiley (New York), 1977
366 pages
ISBN 0856644439


Glossary of Acronyms

Summary of Proceedings
Herbert M. Levine

New Technologies and New Weapons Systems
Kosta Tsipis

Can Conventional New Technologies and New Tactics Replace Tactical Nuclear Weapons in Europe?
Jorma K. Miettinen

The International Political Economy of Proliferation
Steven J. Baker

Arms Limitation and Security Policies Required to Minimise the Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons
Enid C.B. Schoettle

The Anglo-American Nuclear Relationship: Proliferatory or Anti-Proliferatory?
David Carlton

Proliferation: Sophisticated Weapons and Revolutionary Options – The Sub-State Perspective
J. Bowyer Bell

Arms and Politics: Old Issues, New Perceptions
Michael Nacht

Different Approach to Arms Control – Reciprocal Unilateral Restraint
Herbert Scoville, Jr

New Approach to Strategic Arms Limitation and Reduction
William Epstein

Strategic Arms Limitation and Military Strategic Concepts
M.A. Milstein

Nuclear Testing – No End in Sight?
Thomas A. Halsted

Reconnaissance Satellites and the Arms Race
Herbert F. York

Realities of Arms Control: The Cruise Missile Case
Robert A. Nalewajek

The Diffusion of Economic and Military Power and its Impact on The Middle East Conflict
Mario’n Mushkat

The Fallacy of Thinking Conventionally About Nuclear Weapons
Hans J. Morgenthau

All at Sea? A Critique of the American Strategic Force Structure
Peter King

The Function of Military Power
B.V.A. Roling

116 Wars In 30 Years
Istvan Kende

The Role of Arms in Capitalist Economies: The Process of Overdevelopment and Underdevelopment
Mary Kaldor

Economic and Technological Prerequisites for Achieving Political and Military Stability
Tom Stonier

List of Course Participants