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International Terrorism and World Security


Edited by David Carlton, Carlo Schaerf
Published by Croom Helm (London) and John Wiley (New York), 1975
332 pages
ISBN 085664272X

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Summary of Proceedings: Our Violent Future 
J. Henk Leurdijk

Part One: International Terrorism

International Terrorism: A New Mode of Conflict
Brian M. Jenkins

Definitions of Terrorism
Gaston Bouthoul

Measures Against International Terrorism 
Steven J. Rosen and Robert Frank

Legal Aspects of Terrorism
George Sliwowski

Revolutionary Organisations: Special Cases and Imperfect Models 
J. Bowyer Bell

The Role of International Terrorism in the Middle East Conflict and its Implication for Conflict Resolution 
Daniel Heradstveit

Part Two: The Arms Race

An Outline History of Nuclear Proliferation
Herbert F. York

Plowshare, Proliferation, and the N+1 Country
Thomas Blau

Nuclear Energy – Fact Versus Myth 
Bernard T. Feld

Fuelling the Western World’s Reactors: Problems and Issues
Victor Gilinsky

National Security and the Arms Race
L. J. Dumas

Unilateral Disarmament Re­-Examined
Tom Stonier

Part Three: European and Middle East Security

The Political Aspects of European Security
Pierre Hassner

The Military Balance between East and West in Europe
Nino Pasti

Consulations in Nato During and After the October War
Thomas Blau

Arms Control in the Mediterranean and European Security
Ciro E. Zoppo

The British Independent Nuclear Deterrent and the Future of European Security
David Carlton

Part Four: Peace Teaching and the Study of Conflict

Peace Education: A Sceptic’s View
Michael Nicholson

An Educational Strategy for Arms Control
John H. Barton

Tolerance of Ambiguity in International Bargaining
Lillian Davis


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