Since 1966 – International School on Disarmament and Research on Conflicts – Italian Pugwash Group

Racism, Xenophobia and Ethnic Conflicts

PONTIGNANO (Siena) 1995

Edited by Simon Bekker, David Carlton
Indicator Press (University of Natal – South Africa), 1996
162 pages
ISBN 1868402118


Preface by Carlo Schaerf
List of Abbreviations
Notes on the Contributors
Introduction by Simon Bekker
Part One

Identity, ethnicity, conflict
Håkan Wiberg

Violent and peaceful settlements of ethnic conflicts: Some Theses on the Determinants
Klaus Gottstein

Are nations natural economic units?
Carl Kaysen

Military intervention in intrastate and ethnic conflict
George W. Rathjens

Part Two

Security, identity and the peace process in Northern Ireland
Bill McSweeriey

Conflict, ethnicity and democratisation in contemporary South Africa
Simon Bekker

Racism, xenophobia and the extreme right: A Five-Country Assessment
Christopher T. Husbands

Part Three

Genetic variation within and among human groups
Guido Barbujani

The old and the new concept of race
Guido Modiano


<strong>Note on the Contributors</strong>

Guido Barbujani (Italian) is an Associate Professor in Population Genetics at the University of Bologna

Simon Bekker (South African) is Professor of Sociology at the University of Stellenbosch

David Carlton (British) is Lecturer in International Studies at the University of Warwick

Klaus Gottstein (German) is Emeritus Professor of Physics and Director of the Research Unit on Problems of Science and Society within the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft in Munich

Christopher Husbands (British) is Reader in Sociology and consultant to Teaching Quality Assurance Office, London School of Economics and Political Science

Carl Kaysen (US) is David W Skinner Professor of Political Economy, Emeritus Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a Senior Lecturer in the Defense and Arms Control Studies Programme, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Bill McSweeney (Irish) is Director of the Centre for Peace Studies at the Irish School of Ecumenics in Dublin

Guido Modiano (Italian) is Professor in Biology at the University of Rome

George Rathjens (US) is Professor of Political Science within the Defense and Arms Control Studies Program at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Håken Wiberg (Swedish) is Director of the Centre for Peace and Conflict Research, Copenhagen, Denmark