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Rising Tension in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union

FOLGARIA (Trento) 1994, BRESSANONE (Bolzano) 1995

Edited by David Carlton, Paul Ingram, Giancarlo Tenaglia
Published by Dartmouth (Aldershot – U K), 1996
203 pages
ISBN 1855216663


List of Abbreviations
Notes on the Contributors
Preface by Carlo Schaerf

The Outlook for Russia
Georgi Arbatov

Economic Instability in Russia: The Price of Peace?
Derek Braddon

Russia and NATO Enlargement
David Carlton

Demobilizing and Disarming Formerly Soviet Nuclear Weapons
Victor Gilinsky

The Issue of Non-proliferation and its Implications for the Foreign and Security Policies of the Commonwealth of Independent States
Yuri Pinchukov

Russia and Central Asia
Alexei Vasilyev

Inter-ethnic Conflicts of the ‘New Generation’: A Russian View
Alexander Ivanov

Peace Support Operations on the Territory of the Former Soviet Union
Alexander I. Nikitin

The Conventional Arms Treaty in the New Europe
Douglas L. Clarice

At the Border of European Security: The Case of Ukraine
Gerard Snel

Turkey and the Independent States of Central Asia
Ciro E. Zoppo

Security in the Balkans: A Greek Perspective
George Mourtos

A Romanian Perspective on Security
loan Mircea Pascu

Hungary and the Problems of National Minoritie
Gyorgy Reti

Italy and the Central European Initiative
Stephen P. Koff