Since 1966 – International School on Disarmament and Research on Conflicts – Italian Pugwash Group

The Dynamics of the Arms Race

PADUA 1972

Edited by David Carlton, Carlo Schaerf
Published by Croom Helm (London) and John Wiley (New York), 1975
244 pages
ISBN 0856642703



Summary of Proceedings 
J. Henk Leurdijk

Part I The Nuclear Arms Race

The Origins of Mirv
Herbert F. York

Anti-Submarine Warfare and Missile Submarines
Kosta Tsipis

The Arms Race and Salt
Jack Ruina

Some Political Aspects of Disarmament
Hans J. Morgenthau

The Importance of Agreements
Thomas Schelling

The Arms Race as Posturing
Kosta Tsipis

Slowing Down the Arms Race
George Rathjens

The Role of Deterrence in Disarmament
Joseph Kashi

The Outlook for Disarmament
William Epstein

Verification and Control
Jules Moch

Main Issues in the Disarmament Negotiations
Robert Carocciolo

The Doctrine of Tactical Nuclear Warfare and Some Alternatives
David Carlton

Contributions of Western Europe to Disarmament
Francesco Cavalleti

Disarmament and International Law
Milan Sahovic

Part II Chemical and Biological Warfare
The Biological Disarmament Convention
Jozef Goldblat

The Main Issues of The CW Debate
Jozef Goldblat

Some Modern Problems Concerning the Prohibition of The Development, Production and Stockpiling of Chemical Warfare Agents
O.A. Reutov

Part III Theory of Conflict and Some Regional Case Studies

A Comparative Approach to The Study of International Conflict
Alan Dowty

Armaments and Development
Peter Kodzic

Arms Control and Developing Countries
William Gutteridge

International Guarantees with Special References to The Middle East
Alan Dowty

South Africa: A Study in Conflict
William Gutteridge


List of Course Participants