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The Hazards of the International Energy Crisis

Studies of the Coming Struggle for Energy and Strategic Raw Materials

ARICCIA (Roma) 1978

Edited by David Carlton, Carlo Schaerf
Published by Macmillan (London) and St. Martin’s Press (New York), 1982
206 pages
ISBN 0312364792


List of Abbreviations
Notes of Contributors
List of Course Participants
Summary of Discussions
William F. Gutteridge

The New Problems of Energy Supply
Robert H. Williams

Towards Negative Energy Growth: a Fuel-Conservation Scenario for the United State
Robert H.  Williams

Nuclear Energy and Proliferation
Joseph Rotblat

Radiation Hazards in Fission Fuel Cycles
Joseph Rotblat

An Evolutionary Strategy for Nuclear Power
Harold A. Feiveson, Frank von Hippel and Robert H. Williams

European Community Energy Policy and Non-Proliferation
Enrico Jacchia

The Threat of Nuclear Violence at the Non-Governmental Level
Bernard T. Feld

The Importance of Strategic Raw Materials
William F. Gutteridge