Since 1966 – International School on Disarmament and Research on Conflicts – Italian Pugwash Group

Detailed Program

Monday 9 January 2006

Overview and Introduction

Morning session
Chair: Carlo Schaerf – Secretary: Casey Addis

Introduction to Isodarco
Carlo Schaerf
Overview of the Course
Matthew Evangelista

Afternoon session
Chair: Nadia Arbatova – Secretary: Natasha Di Genova
9/11 as a Catalyst for Consistency?
David Carlton

Chair: Giampiero Giacomello – Secretary: James Revill
The War on Terror: Is a Military or Police Response More Appropriate?
John King
Evening activity
Films of Pervez Hoodboy and Zia Mian: Crossing the Lines: Kashmir, Pakistan, India (2004), 45 mins., and/or
Pakistan and India under the Nuclear Shadow (2005), 35 mins., introduced by Zia Mian

Tuesday 10 January 2006

The European Dimension

Morning session
Chair: Alexei Arbatov – Secretary: Joseph Davids
The Impact of post- 9/11 Security Measures on Civil Society
Alessandro Silj

Afternoon session
Chair: Sergei Batsanov – Secretary: Michail Mantalas
Terrorism, Counter Insurgery, and Humanitarian Aid
Reuben Brigety

Chair: Matthew Evangelista – Secretary: Evgeny Sergeevich Kalashnikov
The European Union’s External Borders and the Problem of Terrorism
Nadia Arbatova, with comments by Katariina Lethola and Sebastian von Muenchow

Evening activity

Wednesday 11 January 2006

The Central Asian Connection

Morning session
Chair: Mieke Massinnk – Secretary: Claudia Maffettone
Central Asia in the War on Terror: Comparative Lessons
Alexei Arbatov

Afternoon session
Chair: Steve Wright – Secretary: Joanna Sprackett
With Friends Like These: The War on Terror, Pakistan, and the Jihad in South and Central Asia
Zia Mian

Chair: John King – Secretary: Elena Ravano
The War on Terror: A View from East Asia
Takao Takahara

Thursday 12 January 2006

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Morning Session
Chair: Carlo Schaerf – Secretary: David Curran
The Risk of Nuclear Terrorism and How to Decrease It
Francesco Calogero

10:30 Group Photo

Afternoon Session
Chair: Paolo Calzini – Secreatary: Natasha Di Genova
Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction and the Crisis of Non-proliferation Regimes

Sergei Batsanov

Chair: Reuben Brigetey – Secretary: Timothy Box
Securing Russia’s Nuclear and Bioweapons Facilities
Sharon Weiner

Evening activity
Chair: Sergei Batsanov – Secretary: Caterina Argentini
Round table discussion on the “Culture of Violence”

Friday 13 January 2006

Information and Activism

Morning Session
Chair: Diego Latella – Secretary: James Revill
Are Computers Weapons of Mass Destruction? Internet Propaganda, Perception Management, and Psychological Reactions to Cyberthreats
Giampiero Giacomello

Afternoon Session
Chair: David Carlton – Secretary: Michail Mantalas
Is the War on Terror Over?
Zia Mian

Chair: Alessandro Silj – Secretary: Evgeny Sergeevich Kalashnikov
The Difference an Individual Can Make: Reflections on the Legacy of Ruth Adams and Joseph Rotblat
Catherine Kelleher, Francesco Calogero, Matthew Evangelista

Saturday 14 January 2006

International Cooperation

Morning Session
Chair: Sharon Weiner – Secretary: Joseph Davids
Do International Treaties Have a Role in the War on Terror?
Sergei Batsanov, Reuben Brigety, John King

Afternoon Session
Chair: Matthew Evangelista – Secretary: Nicole Alam Summer
Transatlantic Conflict and Cooperation

Catherine Kelleher

Chair: Carlo Schaerf – Secretary: Casey Addis
Closing Reflections