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Detailed Program

The contribute papers kindly provided by the lecturers can be downloaded clicking on the titles evidenced in dark yellow.

Monday, 7 January 2008


Morning session
Carlo Schaerf, Introduction to ISODARCO
David Carlton , Explaining the West’s Inconsistency in Handling International Terrorism: Tensions between Suppressing Violent Non-state Actors and Promoting Humanitarian Objectives
Chair, Carlo Schaerf
Secretary, Evgeny Kalashnikov

Afternoon session
Gitanjali Gutierrez
 – The Failure of the “War on Terror” Paradigm and Restoration of Criminal Justice Safeguards
Chair, Matthew Evangelista
Secretary, Valentina Bartolucci
Fabio Armao – Terrorism, Mercenaries and Mafias as New Brands of the Private Market of Violence
Chair, Judith Reppy
Secretary, Amanda Towler

Evening activity
Documentary film presentation by participants
“A Family Divided” – Director: Valon Imeri – Producer: Olivia Starr

Tuesday, 8 January 2008


Morning session
Judith Reppy 
– Counting the Costs of the Iraq War
Chair, Jim Harper
Secretary, Petra Dizdar

Afternoon session
Yuri M. Zhukov
 – Does Regime Type Matter in Counterinsurgency?
Chair, David Carlton
Secretary, Andrew Yeo
Pascal Vennesson – Global Norms and Changing Ways of War: Military Adaptations to the Humanitarian Intervention Norm
Chair, Yiorghos Leventis
Secretary, Zoryana Vovchok

Evening activity

Wednesday, 9 January 2007


Morning session
Alexei Arbatov
 – Russia’s Mixed Experience: Fighting Extremism, Enhancing Executive Rule
Chair, Fabio Armao
Secretary, Najma Sadiq

Afternoon session
Paddy Hillyard
 – Lessons from Northern Ireland
Chair, Mieke Masink
Secretary, Michael Pokrass
Carlo Schaerf – Lessons from Italy
Chair, Steve Wright
Secretary, Katy White

Thursday, 10 January 2008


Morning Session
Nina Tannenwald
 – Targeted Killings and the War on Terror: Is the Norm against Assassinations in Decline?
Chair, Nikolai Kalashnikov
Secretary, Deniz Kirca

Afternoon Session
Jim Harper
 – Anti-Terrorist Programs and Privacy: The US Experience
Chair, Diego Latella
Secreatary, Valon Imeri
Nadia Arbatova – The Fight against Terrorism and the EU-Russia Common Space of Internal Security
Chair, Francesco Calogero
Secretary, Fadillah Putra

Evening activity
Clyde Magarelli – Military Virtue vs Political Vice in the War in Iraq

Friday, 11 January 2008


Morning Session
Francesco Calogero
 – Nuclear Terrorism
Chair, Victor Kamyshanov
Secretary, Kathryn Howard

Afternoon Session
Steve Wright
 – Shock and Awe: The Next Generation of “Anti-Terrorist” Technologies – A Revolution in the Arsenal of Political Control?
Chair, Paolo Carossini
Secretary, Mark Ducasse

Round table discussion – WMD and Terrorism
Zoryana Vovchok – Legal Deficiencies of International Treaties on Nuclear Terrorism
Lisa Tabassi – WMD, Terrorism and Enforcement of Treaty Norms
Chair, Mieke Massink
Chair, Nina Tannenwald

Evening activity
Najma Sadig – Is Terrorism a Muslim Monopoly?

Saturday, 12 January 2008


Morning Session
Paddy Hillyard
 – Re-Imagining Women’s Security post 9/11
Chair, Nina Tannenwald
Secretary, Olivia Starr

Afternoon Session
Rita Rogers
 – Preserving the Nuances of Humanliness in Spite of Fear, Ideological Bombardment and Prevailing Egotism of Victimization
Chair, Matthew Evangelista
Secretary, Ljubica Dzabirova
Closing Reflections