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Detailed Program

The contribute papers kindly provided by the lecturers can be downloaded clicking on the titles evidenced in dark yellow.

Monday 7 January 2008

Overview and Introduction

Morning session
Chair: Carlo Schaerf – Secretary: Evgeny Kalashnikov
Introduction to ISODARCO
Carlo Schaerf
Explaining the West’s Inconsistency in Handling International Terrorism: Tensions between Suppressing Violent Non-state Actors and Promoting Humanitarian Objectives
David Carlton

Afternoon session
Chair: Matthew Evangelista – Secretary: Valentina Bartolucci
The Failure of the “War on Terror” Paradigm and Restoration of Criminal Justice Safeguards

Gitanjali Gutierrez

Chair: Judith Reppy – Secretary: Amanda Towler
Terrorism, Mercenaries and Mafias as New Brands of the Private Market of Violence
Fabio Armao

Evening activity
Documentary film presentation by participants
“A Family Divided” – Director: Valon Imeri – Producer: Olivia Starr

Tuesday 8 January 2008

Humanitarian Concerns in Warfare

Morning session
Chair: Jim Harper – Secretary: Petra Dizdar
Counting the Costs of the Iraq War

Judith Reppy

Afternoon session
Chair: David Carlton – Secretary: Andrew Yeo
Does Regime Type Matter in Counterinsurgency?
Yuri M. Zhukov

Chair: Yiorghos Leventis – Secretary: Zoryana Vovchok
Global Norms and Changing Ways of War: Military Adaptations to the Humanitarian Intervention Norm
Pascal Vennesson

Evening activity

Wednesday 9 January 2008

Comparative Perspectives

Morning session
Chair: Fabio Armao – Secretary: Najma Sadiq
Russia’s Mixed Experience: Fighting Extremism, Enhancing Executive Rule

Alexei Arbatov

Afternoon session
Chair: Mieke Masink – Secretary: Michael Pokrass
Lessons from Northern Ireland
Paddy Hillyard

Chair: Steve Wright – Secretary: Katy White
Lessons from Italy
Carlo Schaerf

Thursday 10 January 2008

Legality, Liberty, and Counterterrorism

Morning Session
Chair: Nikolai Kalashnikov – Secretary: Deniz Kirca
Targeted Killings and the War on Terror: Is the Norm against Assassinations in Decline?

Nina Tannenwald

Afternoon Session
Chair: Diego Latella – Secretary: Valon Imeri
Anti-Terrorist Programs and Privacy: The US Experience
Jim Harper

Chair: Francesco Calogero – Secretary: Fadillah Putra
The Fight against Terrorism and the EU-Russia Common Space of Internal Security
Nadia Arbatova

Evening activity
Military Virtue vs Political Vice in the War in Iraq
Clyde Magarelli

Friday 11 January 2008

Technological Challenges

Morning Session
Chair: Victor Kamyshanov – Secretary: Kathryn Howard
Nuclear Terrorism

Francesco Calogero

Afternoon Session
Chair: Paolo Carossini – Secretary: Mark Ducasse
Shock and Awe: The Next Generation of “Anti-Terrorist” Technologies – A Revolution in the Arsenal of Political Control?

Steve Wright

Round table discussion – WMD and Terrorism
Chair: Mieke Massink – Secretary: Nina Tannenwald
Legal Deficiencies of International Treaties on Nuclear Terrorism
Zoryana Vovchok
WMD, Terrorism and Enforcement of Treaty Norms
Lisa Tabassi

Evening activity
Is Terrorism a Muslim Monopoly?
Najma Sadig

Saturday 12 January 2008

Security Beyond Counterterrorism

Morning Session
Chair: Nina Tannenwald – Secretary: Olivia Starr
Re-Imagining Women’s Security post 9/11

Paddy Hillyard

Afternoon Session
Chair: Matthew Evangelista – Secretary: Ljubica Dzabirova
Preserving the Nuances of Humanliness in Spite of Fear, Ideological Bombardment and Prevailing Egotism of Victimization
Rita Rogers

Closing Reflections