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60th ISODARCO Course

Andalo (Trento) 7 – 14 January 2022
The surge in the pandemic and the travel restrictions associated with it have imposed a postponement of the 60° Isodarco course that will not convene in January 2022 at Andalo as previously announced.
Now we hope that it might be possible to convene the course, at Andalo or another location in Italy, during next Summer taking advantage of the summer lulls that the pandemic has shown the last two years.
As the surge continues and a fourth wave of COVID-19 infections is anticipated it is difficult to make predictions about the future. Probably we have to wait the first months of 2022 for new data on the evolution of the pandemic and for better predictions about its future development before we restart the organization of the course.
Any new information available will be posted on these pages.
November 26, 2021

Advancing Technology, Nuclear Weapons Security and International Stability

Director of the School: Carlo Schaerf (Isodarco, Rome, Italy)
Directors of the Course: Francesca Giovannini (Managing the Atom, HKS, Harvard Univ., MA, USA), Deborah Louis (ISODARCO, Boston, MA, USA), Steven Miller (Belfer Center, HKS, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA)

With support from the Carnegie Corporation of New York
and the Raymond Frankel Foundation
Sponsored by the University of Trento


Nuclear weapons remain one of the gravest threats to humankind. The 60th ISODARCO course will address that threat, discussing the nuclear policies of the major nuclear powers and examining the impact that new technologies are having on the security of nuclear weapons and strategic stability. The goal will be not only to understand the changing technological context of the current nuclear era, but to explore the implications for managing the nuclear order and the impending risks to the nonproliferation regime. Can stability be preserved and maintained in this new technological environment?