Since 1966 – International School on Disarmament and Research on Conflicts – Italian Pugwash Group

61st ISODARCO Course

Andalo (Trento), 7 – 14 January 2024

Nuclear Order and International Security After Ukraine

Director of the School: Carlo Schaerf (Isodarco, Rome, Italy)
Directors of the Course: Francesca Giovannini (Managing the Atom, HKS, Harvard Univ., MA, USA), Deborah Louis (ISODARCO, Boston, MA, USA), Steven Miller (Belfer Center, HKS, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA)

With support from the

Carnegie Corporation of New York
and the Raymond Frankel Foundation

Group Photo, courtesy of Michael Dovgal
Andalo, Monday, 8 January 2024, Session 4, Chair Alessandro Pascolini, Presenter Nadia Arbatova


The war in Ukraine has had an enormous impact on global security, reviving nuclear fears, undermining the prospects for arms control, and shattering many of the norms and constraints that were the foundation of European security.  ISODARCO 2024 will examine the global nuclear order in light of the Ukraine war, focusing on the states, the policies and the technologies that will shape the future in a much more difficult environment.  How will we cope with this more dangerous world?